Landlord Guide

Letting / Landlord Guide

Step 1 – Property assessment

Book a free property valuation with Ray Cooke Lettings and we will advise you on the current rental value for your property. We will also advise you how to maximize your return on your investment. We will also walk you through our Letting & Management services.

In todays rental market the standards for property are high and rightly so. You need to present the property in a good standard to get the highest rents. Small changes will make a huge difference. Remember if you don’t respect the property, how can you expect the tenant to.

Step 2 – Instruct Ray Cooke as your letting agent

This is a no brainer!!! Choose a lettings agent that has the experience, that you are comfortable working with & that will maximize your investment for you. Our fees will be agreed in advance and you will inform us which service you want to go with; Letting only or Letting & Management.

Step 3 – On the Market

Ray Cooke Lettings will market your property that day, listing it on all the top property websites including; advertising it in our showrooms; on our property listings & we will erect our famous yellow to let sign

Step 4 – Pick the Tenant

We will carry out viewings until we are happy with the caliber of tenant that meets our standards. We reference check all tenants.

A shortlist of potential tenants will be presented to you for consideration, with our recommendation. You will have final say on choice of tenant.

Step 5 – Secure them with a deposit

The security deposit of one month’s rent. The day they move in we get one month’s rent in advance. The security deposit will be refunded to the tenant at the end of the fixed term tenancy, subject to the terms & conditions of the lease agreement.

Step 6 – Lease agreement

To protect both you and the tenant and so there is no confusion for either party throughout the tenancy, a fixed term lease agreement is drawn up by us and signed by each party, detailing property address, monthly rent amount, deposit paid, date that rent is due, names of parties and lease term(most leases are 12 months long).

An inventory of the contents can also be drawn up and agreed to, by both landlord and tenant.

We will take readings for the utilities on the day the lease is signed and we will transfer them into the tenant’s name.We will hand the keys over to the tenant for move in.

Step 7 – Legal requirements

As a landlord, you have certain legal obligations, such as registering with the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) and ensuring that the property is legally safe for occupancy – gas safety, fire and furnishing regulations, appliances and electrical installations.

We can advise you on this and arrange the necessary inspections.

Step 8 – Put your feet up & relax

Congratulations, your property is let and Ray Cooke Lettings have another happy client!!!