What Type Of Vendor Are You?

There are four types of vendors – which one are you? Upsizers / Downsizers– Some Vendors may be looking for a larger / smaller property as needs change and they find they need either more or less space than before. E.G: Having Children, Needing A Home Office Space or Children are grown and move out (empty nest),…

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Let’s Get Your Home Ready To Sell!

*REMEMBER – First Impressions Count!* With us as your property advisor, we can offer tailored advice to give your property the edge it might need. Upon initial meeting and consultation, we will be able to give you numerous tips to ensure your property is ready to go to the market. When you’re selling your house,…

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5 Tips For New Landlords

    Here Are Our Top 5 Tips For New Landlords:     1. Know Your Rights & Responsibilities. If you are new to the rental market or thinking of investing, it is important that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities as a landlord. Many landlords are unaware that the rental market is…

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Our Top 7 Tips For Home Sellers

       SELLERS TIP NUMBER 1: Kerb Appeal– It is very important that when selling your property you ensure that the outside of your property is as clean,  clear & tidy as can be!       SELLERS TIP NUMBER 2: Check Out Your Competition– Before you set your sale price, check out your…

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