Our Top 7 Tips For Home Sellers

       SELLERS TIP NUMBER 1: Kerb Appeal
– It is very important that when selling your property you ensure that the outside of your property is as clean,  clear & tidy as can be!

      SELLERS TIP NUMBER 2: Check Out Your Competition
– Before you set your sale price, check out your competition. The secret to pricing your home correctly lies in checking out your competition. See what similar houses in your area are selling for. It is important that you AVOID OVERVALUATIONS.

     SELLERS TIP NUMBER 3: Your Kitchen
– Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so make it count! Try painting tired and worn units or replacing old, damaged doors. Even fitting new handles can give an old kitchen a new lease of life. Hide the bins, clean the surface and then dress them up with well – choose items E.G: Bottle Of Wine.

    SELLERS TIP NUMBER 4: Keep Your Bathrooms Clean & Tidy
– Before a bathroom is seen, make sure it is clean! No potential buyer wants to wonder about smells or stains in the bathroom. Make sure you give it a good clean – Polish the mirror, change the grouting, change the shower curtain and if necessary give it a lick of paint or replace worn flooring.

   SELLERS TIP NUMBER 5: Hide Away Your Pets
– You don’t want a potential buyer put off because they are allergic, afraid or just dislike your pet animal. You also do not want to put off a potential buyer because your home has an odour such as ‘wet dog’. So while hosting viewings it would be beneficial to consider putting pets into kennels, sending them to stay with friends/family or at least restrict them to a specific area of the house or garden.

   SELLERS TIP NUMBER 6: Spruce Up Your Garden
– Gardens really can make or break a sale. Does it need a lot of work? Is the size optimised? It doesn’t need to cost you a lot it just needs a bit of your time. Cut the grass, and trim back the trees and bushes to create more space. Sweep up leaves and re-arrange garden furniture, add in some flowers & potted plants.

   SELLERS TIP NUMBER 7: Declutter
– If something is out of place, remove it. Make sure your home is clean and tidy and clear of clutter, like toys, bicycles, paperwork, dishes and overflowing clothes baskets. If you have furniture that gets in the way or has become tired and dated, consider putting it into storage and allowing more space for the property.